Using Ratings to Grade Forums

Posted on: September 17th, 2019 by Shari Colby

Kathy DesRoches, Ed.D.

Program Director for the M.S. in Leadership Program


Ratings are a tool that I find useful when grading forums. For me, it’s a time saver. I don’t count the number of times they’ve posted, when they’ve posted, and the grade for each posts. I find this level of detail tedious. I’d much rather teach than spend time record keeping. You may adopt or modify this system to fit your style.

Rating is a “grades as you go” tool. When you read the post, you grade it. It’s that simple. I’ve developed a system to do this, and after I’ve described it to the students, they completely understand. This system works for me however, you may modify it to suit your needs.

This is a copy of an announcement that I post in Moodle:

As described in my announcement, I use a rating scale of 100. If the student fulfills all requirements, I give them the maximum grade, (in graduate studies we have a forum rubric). At the end of the week, I look at the grade book. If it seems like someone’s grade is too low, then I look at their posts and grade accordingly (I may have missed a post). 

To use Ratings, set forum to sum of ratings (grades).

What are your questions? I believe this is the method of grading that our instructional designers use so when they mentioned it, I had to try it. I can’t think of a reason to go back to counting posts.

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