Desk Copies

Quick Reference for Obtaining Desk Copies:

  • You may wish to explore VitalSource to see if your textbook is available for free to you in electronic format. You will need to request an instructor account at: It takes approximately two weeks for account approval.  
  • You may also contact the publisher directly. Requesting desk copies can sometimes take up to a month and publishers will typically only deliver textbooks via mail to Granite State College’s Concord Campus. Once your textbook arrives, a GSC staff member will call you.


* When making the request be sure to ask for a desk copy. Desk copies are provided by the publisher to faculty gratis when the text has been adopted for the course. 

* The other type is known as a “Review Copy.” A Review Copy is provided to faculty by publishers with the understanding that if the text is adopted by the instructor then that copy will be free. If not, the instructor will be expected to return or pay for the book. 

* Be prepared to accept an e-book edition of your desk copy. The number of publishers offering only electronic desk copies to faculty is increasing every day. On the up-side, it seems to be resulting in lower overall textbook costs for students. 

* You may need to provide a college contact to the publisher for the purpose of verifying that you are indeed an instructor teaching at GSC.


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