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The following resources help faculty working with Capstone courses, field-based opportunities, and courses that have research projects requiring an IRB.

Capstone & ILC Courses

Access this website for more information

Field-Based Learning Resources

Field-Based Experiential Learning (FBELoffers you an opportunity to apply theory to practice in real-world workplace or clinical settings.  You move out of the ‘classroom’ to guided learning through direct experience in your field of study. This type of learning requires advance planning.  Your supports include advisor and faculty guidance for finding a Host Partner site, building a learning plan, and problem-solving throughout your field experience. Plan up to 1 term ahead for practicum or internship – up to 2 terms ahead for a Field-Based Integrative Capstone. Approval by Academic Affairs is required based on student’s Academic plan and history. Click here to learn more!

IRB Resources

IRB process – IRB must be followed in the cases where students will be conducting research involving:
  • Surveying or interviewing human subjects
  • Observing or testing human subjects
  • Reviewing existing records about human subjects to collect data

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