All faculty Granite State College are expected to review the following documents that outline resources and expectations:

2021-2022 Faculty Handbook

Beginning with the fall 2021 term, please refer to the Faculty Expectations checklist for a handy outline of faculty resources, teaching expectations, and course requirements.

In conjunction with the Faculty Expectations checklist above, this PDF of the Faculty Handbook is essential for all GSC faculty and provides information about student profiles, academics, faculty, practices and policies, the GSC code of conduct, safety, and emergency, campus locations, and administrative offices. This edition was released in July 2021.

Brief Overview of Academic Credit Hour Check Tool

  • Academic Credit Hour Policy: A statement about the College’s Academic Credit Hour policy is included in the handbook, which outlines details related to required instructional engagement for each course by credit hour in order to meet the standard. This chart provides a breakdown of total instructional engagement per credit per course by week.
  • Credit Hour Review Tool: As you prepare for upcoming terms, it can be helpful to assess prior course designs and update them as needed for enhanced student success. One of the ways we can do this is by completing a brief credit hour check to document direct and indirect instructional activities. This activity can help us better understand our curriculum design, calculate an approximate amount of student work for each credit granted, and spark ideas for ways to enhance our course. Information about this process and tools may be found by logging in to the Faculty Lounge within Learning Management System (LMS); scroll to the bottom to download the tool.

Faculty Evaluation at Granite State College

The overarching goal of GSC’s teaching evaluation model is to provide opportunities for reflective practice as a community of teachers. Click here to learn more about GSC’s teaching evaluation model.

General Guidelines for GSC Faculty & Staff Regarding Political Activity and Public Advocacy and Academic Freedom

The University System of New Hampshire’s General Counsel’s Office provided a set of general guidelines for GSC faculty and staff in relation to political activity and public advocacy, along with information related to Academic Freedom:

Important GSC Links

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