Instructional Design Team

The Granite State College Instructional Design Team provides leadership in evaluating, implementing and promoting effective and innovative educational technologies and methodologies that support excellence in teaching and learning.

To do this, the team:

  • Works collaboratively with faculty to analyze and interpret course outcomes and to select and develop assessments and learning materials to support those outcomes using formal instructional design processes.
  • Works with faculty to develop and deploy rich and engaging content that promotes active learning.
  • Conducts research and experimentation resulting in recommendations that support the sustainable growth of online and hybrid instruction.
  • Optimizes GSC’s online teaching and learning environment.
  • Participates in continuous improvement initiatives in course development and delivery.
  • Provides educational technology-based training, support and resources to the GSC community.
  • Fosters communication among our constituencies that promotes a culture of innovation.
  • Actively participates in the educational technology and instructional design communities of practice.

Explore an infographic about how the Instructional Design Team can assist you today (Piktochart)!


To request Instructional Design support, submit a help request at the Technology Help Desk Client Portal.


Reta Chaffee M.S.
Director of Educational Technology
Steve Covello M.S.
Senior Instructional Designer
Sue Farris M.Ed.
Instructional Designer
Jennifer Marcolongo B.A.
Instructional Designer
Erin Ruckman M.Ed.
Instructional Designer

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