• STUDENT PROGRESS REPORTING: Academic Affairs requires all faculty to report the academic progress of ALL students via WebROCK during the term, including those who are “at-risk” because they are doing poorly, not participating, etc. Your feedback will assist student support teams to better understand how all students are progressing and ample time to follow up with students to help guide them about resources and supports that may improve their academic work before the withdrawal date. This process also helps minimize the academic and financial consequences of an unsuccessful term.


  • STUDENT RESOURCES: GSC offers a variety of student resources. Explore this website to learn more about the support available to students.


  • FINAL GRADES: All grades must be submitted via WebROCK no later than 3 days from the last day of the semester. Even if you use the Learning Management System (LMS) to track grade progress, you will still need to manually enter final grades via WebROCK. Explore this link for Information About WebROCK & Final Grades
  • GRADE CHANGES: After entering a final grade in WebROCK, the grade may be changed as long as your roster hasn’t been processed by the Registrar’s Office (the column “Rolled” will indicate “Y” if the grade has been processed). Grade rosters are processed throughout the term. Should you wish to change a grade that has been rolled by the Registrar’s Office, you must email using your GSC-issued email with the course subject and number, CRN, student full name and ID, original grade, and new grade for the course. Submissions from your personal email or with incomplete student/course information will not be processed and will be returned for updating. Please see “Student Grade Appeals” below if the student requests a grade change.
  • The fully completed contract must be submitted via your GSC-issued email to by the last day of class. Submissions will not be accepted after this day.
    • The updated form and procedures can be found on the GSC website:
    • Upon receipt, you will be reached with either a final decision on the submission or to provide additional information.
    • If approved, the final grade for the student must be submitted to Please leave the student’s grade in WebROCK blank.
    • If you have any questions or concerns about this process, please contact your Program Director or Associate Dean.
  • STUDENTS WITH DOCUMENTED ACCOMMODATIONS: Students with documented accommodation plans may request an extension on final assignments. According to the college Registrar, you do not need to provide a grade in WebROCK by the term deadline; instead, please email the final grade to the registrar’s office for the student within the 5-day extension window to
  • STUDENT GRADE APPEALS: There may be circumstances beyond a student’s control that prevent him/her from completing his/her coursework for a term. Students should consult with an Academic Advisor prior to withdrawing or beginning the petition process. Petitions may also be submitted for a variance of other college policies. If you have a student who is asking for a grade appeal, please refer them to the Petition Guidelines and Forms website at


Granite State College’s Faculty Handbook outlines information, policies, and procedures about plagiarism and cheating.

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