The following student resources at GSC are vital services and resources for both faculty and students:

Student Handbooks

Student Affairs

ADA Accommodations & Student Tutoring

Note: It is important that we do not grant accommodations to students who do not have a plan in place, as it sets a precedent that can be frustrating to both the student and the administration.
– If a student asks for accommodation, please ask them to provide a copy of their ADA plan to you.- If a student does not have a plan that they can provide PLEASE do not grant accommodations; instead refer the student to the SDS office and fill out the SDS referral form to get the student started on a plan. The following resources are critical for faculty. If you have any questions, please contact Tina Underwood at 603.513.1140.

Student Supports

  • Live tutoring supports in the topics of math, writing, and general education are available for students. When referring students to live tutoring support for writing, please be sure to complete the GSC Faculty Proofreading Referral Form and share this with students; the student will share this with their tutor. Please keep in mind that tutoring sessions are limited to 45 minutes; specify the areas that need the most support to be sure the session is productive. 
  • Not sure what to say to students when referring them to tutoring resources? Consider the following language: Our assignment this week is intended to help build <<list the relevant skills, knowledge, attitudes>>. I’ve included descriptive, formative feedback on your submission, and have identified a few areas for you to focus on <<list those areas succinctly using bullet points or use the proofreading form above>>. Granite State College is dedicated to academic support for our students and offers live tutoring support. I would encourage you to take advantage of our live tutor option, as they can provide one-on-one support in this area. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

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