I'm not sure which text I want to use Check with your hiring administrator first to see if a textbook has been selected (be sure to list the correct edition). You will be able to search for textbooks using the textbook submission form.
Why do I need to submit my textbook information so early? Federal law requires the college to have textbook information available when the Registraton period opens to students.
Where is the bookstore?
The bookstore is an online bookstore, available via the "Current Students" page of granite.edu: https://www.granite.edu/books
Check it out to see if your textbooks are listed!
When does the bookstore open each term? It will open when the Registration period opens.
When do I need to submit my textbook information?The deadline to submit textbook information is 30 days prior to the Registration Open date each term.
Wait! Which ISBN should I list?Either the ISBN-10 or the ISBN-13 will work. The important thing is that you provide the complete number which follows ISBN-10 or ISBN-13. Add the dashes if you wish.
I'd like a desk copy Please visit the Desk Copies info page.
How will I know when to submit textbook information? You will receive an email communication each term and the information is included as part of your hire letter. Also, you might consider bookmarking this page!
How do I submit my selected textbook information?
Textbook Information for Graduate Studies can be found here!
Textbook Information for Undergraduate Studies can be found here!

- Verify your textbook: check the GSC Bookstore to see which textbook students will be ordering for your class and be sure to use the edition(s) listed in the bookstore.

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