During your teaching at GSC, you may want or need to reach out to someone who can help answer your questions. A detailed contact list of staff within Academic Affairs is below; however, faculty frequently have questions for staff about the topics below.


Course Content, Teaching Assignments & Pay

  • Please review the list below and contact your hiring supervisor or lead faculty member for more information about course content or teaching assignments
  • Payroll Questions

Grading & Incompletes


Academic Affairs Listing

Mike Decelle MEng, PMD
Dean of Granite State College and UNH Manchester
Shari Colby M.B.A.
Academic Engagement Program Manager
Sara Cowall M.A.
Director of State Authorization and Grants
Tiffany Doherty M.Ed.
Director of Student Affairs
Rachael French
Business Partnership Manager
Lia Horton M.L.I.S., M.B.A.
Todd Slover M.A.
Director of Institutional Effectiveness, Compliance & Planning
Tina Underwood M.B.A.
Disability Services & Academic Support Coordinator

Instructional Design

Reta Chaffee M.S.
Director of Educational Technology
Steve Covello M.S.
Senior Instructional Designer
Sue Farris M.Ed.
Instructional Designer
Erin Ruckman M.Ed.
Instructional Designer

Undergraduate Studies

Tamara VonGeorge Ph.D.
Dean of Undergraduate Studies
Marilyn McGair J.D.
Sr. Lecturer and Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Faculty
Sarah Batterson Ph.D.
Senior Lecturer and Director of Liberal Arts Programs
Heather Geoffroy M.A.
Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Curriculum
Melanie Gianferante
Administrative Assistant of Undergraduate Studies
Mercedes Hunt Ph.D.
Senior Lecturer & Director of UG Studies Business & Finance Program
Kathleen Hipp Ph.D.
Senior Lecturer and Director of Undergraduate Behavioral Sciences & Human Services
Rita Kondrath Ph.D.
Senior Lecturer and Director for Writing and Communications Programs
Christian Lagarde M.B.A.
Faculty (UG) -Business, Management & Finance
Courtney Rice M.S.
Lecturer and Director of Undergraduate Health and Wellness
Amy Thompson M.S.N., R.N.

School of Education

Nicholas Marks Ed.D.
Dean of the School of Education
Carolyn Cormier Ed.D.
Associate Dean of Faculty of the School of Education
Nicole Fragula M.A.
ECTA Grant Coordinator
Kathleen Shumway-Pitt
Coordinator of Field Placement of the School of Education

Graduate Studies

Carina Self Ph.D.
Dean of Graduate Studies and Associate Dean of Academic Effectiveness
Kathy DesRoches Ed.D.
Sr. Lecturer and Program Director of MS Leadership
Ana Gonzalez
Program Coordinator for Graduate Studies & Academic Effectiveness
Kathleen Patenaude Ed.D.
Senior Lecturer & Program Director, MS Health Care Management
Teresa Knight M.S.N., M.Ed., R.N.
Director Nursing Programs
Karen White D.B.A.
Program Director of MS Project Management

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