Distinguished Faculty Awards & ATI Ambassadors

Distinguished Faculty Award

Granite State College is proud of its faculty. Each year up to two faculty members are selected to receive the College’s Distinguished Faculty Award and 10 faculty are selected to participate in the annual Academic Technology Institute (ATI).

The annual Distinguished Faculty Award has been awarded since 1985 and acknowledges faculty who have made outstanding contributions to the teaching/learning process at Granite State College. In recognition of excellence in teaching, recipients exemplify this distinction through the sharing of knowledge in a challenging and supportive learning environment and by demonstrating and inspiring lifelong learning in their students.

2021 Distinguished Faculty Recipient

Kelly Duggan, M.S.

Faculty, Undergraduate

Kelly Duggan is a delightful and energetic adjunct faculty member who teaches at the undergraduate level for Granite State College.  She has a Master of Science in Business Management from Lesley University. During her tenure at the college, Kelly has taught over 40 courses in the critical thinking and management disciplines. Kelly continually strives to refine her teaching practice while being empathetic in her approach.  Students consistently express that she is highly engaged and responsive to their needs and goes above and beyond to support their success. 

In addition to fueling her own desire to achieve teaching excellence, Kelly channels her energy and expertise through various faculty development roles at the college designed specifically to foster a reflective teaching practice. Kelly’s demonstrated commitment on the Faculty Coaching Team and Faculty Peer Review Team has been extraordinary.  She has been an invaluable partner and leader in the college’s effort to provide a high-quality learning experience for our students.  Her guidance in both of these initiatives has helped GSC faculty refine their pedagogy while developing new faculty coaches and faculty peer reviewers.

Kelly brings energy and excitement to everything that she does, regardless of how challenging or demanding the task.  She customizes her instructional approach for students by providing a challenging but supportive learning environment regardless of the students’ knowledge level and abilities.  Her superior teaching ability and empathy for our students are what make her an extremely worthy recipient of the 2021 Distinguished Faculty Award.


Criteria for the award emphasize a strong combination of the following characteristics:

  1. Excellence in teaching at Granite State College
  2. Extraordinary responsiveness to individual student needs, both in supporting and in challenging individuals
  3. Demonstration of the faculty member’s own role as a lifelong learner
  4. A minimum of 5 academic years teaching* at Granite State College *need not be consecutive years
  5. Service to the College (e.g., committee work, creating community connections, etc.)

Prior Distinguished Faculty Award Recipients

  • 2020, John Gagnon and Gina Abudi
  • 2019, Rita Kondrath and Marilyn McGair
  • 2018, Elizabeth Gauffreau and Michael Zaino
  • 2017, Mark Jewell and Dennis Martino
  • 2016, Jonathan D. Kipp
  • 2015, Faby Gagne
  • 2014, Mary Beth McNicholas
  • 2013, Christine Tate
  • 2012, Daniel M. Gardoqui
  • 2011, Craig D. Nevins
  • 2010, Barbara Krol-Sinclair and Carrie Gendreau
  • 2009, Kay Enwright and Audrey Kanik
  • 2008, Fran Rancourt and James Trotzer
  • 2007, Gail Poitrast and Claudia L. Michael
  • 2006 Paul Carter and Daniel Poor
  • 2005, Susan Dame and Beth Roth
  • 2004, Bill Cuff and Barbara Benham
  • 2003, Robert McPherson and Elizabeth Crockford
  • 2002, Jeannemarie Thorpe and Natalie Golden
  • 2001, Patricia Erwin-Ploog and Steve Hickoff
  • 2000, Jennifer Kirk Savoie and Judith D. Salmon
  • 1999, V. Arthur Hammon and Wendy Turner
  • 1998, A. Thomas McGowan, Edward Gleason, and Ellie Marshall
  • 1997, Patrick K. Gray and Nancy Puglisi
  • 1996, R. Elizabeth Baird and Alan John Crowley
  • 1995, Claude E. Caswell and Laura L. Nagy
  • 1994, Lucia Baker Owen and Cathy Lasalle
  • 1993, Phyllis Killam Abell and Ina Anderson
  • 1992, Jane E. Raymond and Donald Sheehan
  • 1991, Michael K. Hill and Charen Urban
  • 1990, Barbara Oakley-Hayes and Elaine Millen
  • 1989, Stephen S. McAllister and William S. Cooper, Jr.
  • 1988, Carol G. Mooney, John W. Gibson and Michael Russell
  • 1987, Richard A. Graf and Robert F. Swift
  • 1986, Jane Walter and Stephen Lambert
  • 1985, Alan H. David, Sr.

ATI Ambassadors

In 2011, the USNH Academic Technology Steering Committee founded the annual Academic Technology Institute (ATI) as a way to bring faculty together to explore and find solutions about how to integrate technology into their courses to transform their pedagogy and course design. Each of the 4 institutions (GSC, KSC, PSU, UNH) selects 10-15 faculty from diverse disciplines to participate in this four day event.

At the ATI, faculty explore the pedagogy and tools as well as new thinking around using technology in the classroom. In addition, faculty are given the opportunity to interact and work together with their colleagues across the institutions.

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