Evaluation of Teaching

Our online teaching evaluation model provides opportunities for reflective practice and includes:

Student Evaluations

Students provide formative feedback to faculty on their teaching through the end-of-term course evaluation/survey. These surveys are completed for each course every term and accessible to faculty via the Course Evaluation Login Page. In Summer 2022, we moved to a new platform called Blue for all student course evaluations. Students are now able to access the Student Feedback Surveys through Canvas and receive reminders through their preferred emails. We encourage you to continue to mention the importance of these evaluations to your students. Below are some ways to help increase response rates:

  • Add Course Evaluation reminders in your weekly announcements
  • Inform students about the purpose of evaluations
  • Provide some examples of useful feedback
  • Make it an assignment on the syllabus
  • Post the Course Evaluation Login Page link on the course
  • Offer extra credit for completion

To learn more about Course Evaluations in Blue please visit the following Knowledge-Base Articles:

Annual Reflective Teaching Analysis

  • All faculty are encouraged to complete a Reflective Teaching Analysis annually each summer. This plan helps faculty reflect on ways to enhance their teaching and provides data for the college to design additional professional development activities and faculty support. Adjunct faculty who teach four or more courses per year must complete the self-assessment annually, which is disseminated using industry-standard online survey software.

Peer Review

  • The College also runs a peer-review program using a common rubric, so that a fellow instructor who has been certified as a Peer Review Team member contributes to faculty evaluation in the spirit of continuous improvement of teaching through collegial feedback. This peer review occurs on a rotating schedule for all full-time and adjunct faculty who teach four or more courses per year.
  • For adjunct faculty, a summative overview is prepared by hiring supervisors that provides an overview of evaluation activities over the past two years. The summary is shared with faculty during a collaborative conversation with hiring administrators. For full-time faculty, peer review becomes part of the annual performance evaluation.

The peer review process embraces the spirit of Appreciative Inquiry, which seeks to discover an alignment of strengths to inspire continued excellence in online teaching and learning. Explore an Introduction to Appreciative Inquiry resource and video or click here to learn more.

This evaluation process is designed to support continued development as an online teacher. We’re excited about these opportunities to reflect on teaching practice, as they continue to help us identify ways to enhance teaching support and professional development opportunities.

Adjunct Teaching Evaluation

Adjunct teaching evaluation guidelines in the Faculty Handbook provide additional information.

Full-Time Faculty

Self-Assessment & Annual Performance Evaluation

In addition to the three-part evaluation of teaching, Full-Time Faculty members at the College engage in an annual self-assessment and performance evaluation.

For HR forms related to these activities, please see the Human Resource webpage.  

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