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*Note: Students can use this same link above, please feel free to forward if requested by your students.

What Is It?

  • CoursEval is a web-based tool GSC uses for course and faculty evaluations each term. 
  • It has been set up so that students and faculty log in with their GSC username and password.
  • Each term, students receive notices alerting them that course evaluation surveys have been opened. 
  • Students receive reminders until the course evaluation survey is complete or the survey window has closed. 
  • The course evaluation will open approximately two weeks prior to the last day of class
  • You will receive communications from CoursEval prompting you to remind your students about the importance of completing the course evaluation.

How to Use CoursEval

  • Once the term is complete and all grades college-wide have been finalized, the course evaluation results will be made available to you.
  • Once you receive the CoursEval communication indicating the evaluation results are available, log in using your GSC user name and password.  This communication will include a link to CoursEval.
  • Once you are logged into CoursEval:
    • You should land on the My Reports page. If not, click Reports on the left-hand side of the page.
    • In most cases, you will need to click on the “here” link in the “Click here to view past reports.” 
    • You will now see the evaluation reports dashboard. The evaluations will be listed in chronological order. 
    • Click on the evaluation report you wish to review.

What Questions Are Learners Asked?

Learners are asked to provide ratings on the following prompts as part of Student Course Evaluations:

  • The instructor provided a learning environment that was intellectually engaging
  • The instructor encouraged me to express my opinions and ask questions
  • I was provided with timely and helpful feedback
  • Expectations for student performance were clearly communicated
  • The instructor promoted interactive and collaborative learning
  • The instructor showed enthusiasm for this subject
  • The instructor provided real world application of course content
  • The instructor summarized and emphasized key points
  • The instructor responded promptly when I had questions or concerns
  • The instructor helped me to understand the value of this course
  • I would recommend this instructor to other students

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