Textbook Requests for Graduate Courses

For GSC faculty who teach graduate courses, core instructional resources are pre-selected annually through a faculty feedback model. Your program director can provide more information if needed in this process.

To add supplemental resources, forward the Title, ISBN, Edition & Author to your Program Director. Graduate Studies asks that you consider the alignment of the course materials in facilitating student knowledge and skill generation, the expense to the student, and continued value for the student throughout the program and beyond. Should you decide to add course materials, we ask that you select the most current edition.

Syllabus & Your Copies: Please ensure your syllabus & current hardcopy/eBook versions match with this request and what is posted on the bookstore.

Deskcopies: To request a desk copy, visit the publisher’s website and search by ISBN. Most publishers provide a link for faculty to request an exam or desk copy in the book’s webpage. These are free of cost to faculty.

Recommended Deadline: The recommended deadline for submissions is prior to the start of registration for the term (see the Academic Calendar for dates). This deadline is to ensure that GSC is in compliance with federal regulations and that instructional resources should be made available to students during the registration period. If submissions are made during the registration period, please contact any registered students for your course(s) to notify them of this update. Removal of resources from the bookstore after registration opens is not recommended. This will impact students who have already ordered these resources for the course. Please wait until the next term to remove resources, prior to the start of registration.

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