Plan, Teach & Inquire

This resource page provides a one-stop shop for tools and important information related to course planning, teaching, and inquiry activities. New to GSC? Please refer to the “Welcome to Teaching at GSC!” resource course provided to you by the Assoc. Dean of Academic Engagement & Faculty Development; provides just-in-time resources and information, deadlines, and coaching.


Course Planning“Course Planning” by London Permaculture is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

There’s a lot to keep track of as we work to ensure our courses and teaching practices are prepared, personal, and proven. Two resources can help us save time without compromising our teaching practice:

  • A one-page PLAN, TEACH & INQUIRE calendar for Spring 2022 – Winter 2023 is now available (download the PDF) for planning purposes.
  • A streamlined document outlining GSC resources and expectations for 2021-2022 is now available (download the PDF).

Before the Term Begins

  • HIRE LETTERS: Review and respond to your e-hire letter for each course you teach. Note: Undergraduate faculty may also receive an “availability” inquiry for planning purposes only; the actual agreement is marked as “agreement” and you need to respond to it even if you already indicated you were available. Your agreement includes critical information related to expectations, textbooks, syllabi, etc.
  • TEXTBOOKS: If applicable, select and submit textbook information as instructed (info for undergraduate courses available here). Confirm with your hiring supervisor whether a textbook has already been ordered. Click here for info about ordering a desk copy. Verify your textbook: check the GSC Bookstore to see which textbook students will be ordering for your class and be sure to use the edition(s) listed in the bookstore.

Planning Your Course

Teaching & Inquiry

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