The Online Teaching & Learning Collaborative (O-TLC) at Granite State College works to engage in continuous inquiry dedicated to help all learners succeed across their lifespan. Our work taps into the College’s 20+ years of online education expertise, rich academic supports, and engaged faculty and staff who collaborate toward quality and innovation.

Teaching Online for the First Time? Quick Tips

Explore quick tips and essential resources to help you when teaching online for the first time.

Quick Tips: Faculty-Created Videos

Connect with fellow faculty at Granite State College as they share quick video tips and resources about effective teaching practices to help learners succeed!

Our Favorite Teaching & Course Resources

Looking for that perfect image but don’t want to get locked up by the copyright police? Want to stay on top of the latest trends in higher education? Check out our favorite resources for inspiration!

Toolkits: Faculty-Created & Inspired Resources

Sharing is caring, and this growing set of resources provides information you can use and/or adapt to enhance your own teaching practice.

Faculty Training, Development & Events

Check out the growing list of faculty development offerings and events available to faculty at Granite State College.

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