Inclusion, Universal Design & Accessibility

If you have questions about UDL and accessibility, please review the GSC Student Disability Services Overview (PowerPoint), visit the Student Disability Services website, or contact Tina Underwood, Student Disability Services and Academic Support Coordinator, by e-mail or phone at 603-513-1140.

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Inclusive Teaching Practices Toolkit

This resource area from the Association of College and University Educators provides helpful ways that educators can implement inclusive teaching and learning practices.

Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a framework that guides the design of instructional goals, assessments, methods, and materials that optimizes learning for all people based on scientific insights into how humans learn. UDL approaches strive to make courses as fully accessible as possible beginning from the design stage. The GSC Faculty Lounge in Moodle provides a comprehensive video series about UDL approaches.

12 Things You Can Do to Make Your Course More Accessible

This handy PDF provides 12 Things You Can Do To Make Your Course More Accessible. They are in order by the ease of use, the first 7 can be done in 3 minutes or less.

5 Tips for ADA-Compliant Design

This article by Inside Higher Ed provides easy tips to enhance student learning online while meeting compliance.

Improving Universal / Accessible Design

This web resource provides considerations and tips to enhance UDL in courses. 

Screen Readers

An introduction to screen readers as well as tips about how to create screen-reader friendly pages. 

Closed Captioning & Image Descriptions

An introduction to closed captioning and creating effective image descriptions as well as tips about how to develop or retrieve closed captioning for videos and other rich media. 

External Resources

CAST Professional Learning

A nonprofit education research and development organization that works to expand learning opportunities for all individuals through Universal Design for Learning.

National Center on Universal Design for Learning

The National UDL Center supports the effective implementation of UDL by connecting stakeholders in the field and providing resources and information.


This website offers accessibility resources such as a Color Contrast Checker and simulations for screen readers, low vision, dyslexia, and distractability.

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