Remember to be Good to You!

Balancing our teaching practice with other career and life demands – especially during terms of crisis – is important to ensure we are tending to our own self-care. Research shows that self-care can have a positive impact on our perception, affect, and ability to cope and thrive under stress.

We continue to add resources from fellow Granite State College faculty that are shared during our virtual coffee chat sessions. Explore these resources to learn more:

Practicing Wellness, Stress Relief & Mindful Awareness

Feed the Right Wolf

In the classic Cherokee story Tale of Two Wolves, a grandson explains to his grandfather his inner struggle of conflicting positive and negative feelings, which he describes as wolves. The boy is concerned that the negative wolf will overpower the positive wolf, and asks his grandfather “which wolf will win”, to which the elder replies “the one you feed”.  This parable seems especially relevant during times of increased uncertainty and fear.   Every day, in many ways, we make countless choices to feed the positive or the negative within and around us.  We can accept the negative narrative of external influences, or we can cultivate our own positive narrative, and generate positive feelings for ourselves and others. Often, this can be as simple as avoiding sources of negativity and practicing positive thinking and habits.  Especially these days, which wolf are you feeding?

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