Student Progress Reporting


Our Advising Team has created student progress reporting procedures that help to enhance outreach efforts in order for students to understand their progress and the steps they can take to be successful, throughout the length of the term. Faculty have the ability to report on student performance during the Student Progress Reporting time frame, as well as after the withdrawal date of the term.

Important Notes About the Student Progress Report:

  • The College will send reminders about this process and related due dates (also located here). If you need instructions on how to report progress information for each student within WebROCK, please click here.
  • How to Locate a Student’s Advisor (website instructions)

Information and comments added by faculty in WebROCK about a student’s performance will be automatically added to a progress report that is generated by Granite State College and sent to each student. Please be sure to phrase information in a professional, clear manner that helps students understand how they are doing well or what steps they need to take to succeed. Your feedback within WebROCK should not be the first communication a student receives from you about their performance. Please be sure to communicate directly to a student’s college-issued e-mail as soon as you are concerned about performance and provide actionable steps the student can take to succeed. 

Re-Reporting on student progress is available after the formal progress reporting phase of the term. Faculty can reach out to any student that is in danger of not satisfactorily completing the course after the withdrawal date, using the same process they did during the progress reporting time frame. They can also re-report any student whose progress has improved. A reminder email about this new option will be sent out each term to all faculty.

Sample Faculty Text Entered in WebROCK: Please review these examples of appropriate reporting language:

Sample Concern Text: 

Hi Nicole,

I am concerned with your current level of participation in this course.  I noticed that you started strong however that level of participation has dropped significantly in the past two weeks.  I would like to set up a time that we can discuss ways to get back on track for the remainder of the term.  If you have any assignments that have not yet been submitted, please submit no later than <<date>> to avoid any additional late penalties. I look forward to working with you throughout the term!



Sample Success Text: 

Hi Nicole,

Thank you for your participation so far this term.  You have exceeded expectations with both your overall course engagement and collaboration with your fellow students.  If you continue your current level of performance, I anticipate that you will finish strong this term.  I look forward to working with you throughout the term!



Academic Affairs requires all faculty to report the academic progress of ALL students via WebROCK during the term, including those who are “at-risk” because they are doing poorly, not participating, etc. Your feedback will assist student support teams to better understand how all students are progressing and ample time to follow up with students to help guide them about resources and supports that may improve their academic work before the withdrawal date. This process also helps minimize the academic and financial consequences of an unsuccessful term.

Instructions to report about your students are as follows:

1. Log In

to WebROCK at by clicking the button as marked here (red arrow):

2. Once logged in, click on “Student Progress Reporting” in the list under Faculty Services:

click on Student Progress Reporting

3. Follow the instructions to report on EACH student’s standing as described below:

  • Click the link at the left that reads “Provide Feedback between…” to open up the roster for the listed course.
  • Complete two key components for each student:  Student Status (coded 01 through 04) and enter an Estimated Grade.
    • Student Status and Estimated Grade is Required! Your feedback will not be received unless a Student Status is selected for each student. Entering an estimated grade alone or with comments will not submit your feedback
    • To select a status for each student, checkmark the appropriate box (codes 01, 02, 03, or 04). The criteria for the “Status” listed follow GSC’s grading system.
    • Comments are optional unless a student is performing poorly; if that is the case, please take care to describe the situation so that student support services can better assist those students. Please note: the language you describe during reporting will be shared with students.
  • Click “Submit” for each entry.
  • Please remember to submit often to avoid being timed out in the system. A good recommendation is to submit within 15 minutes of starting the process.

The last day for students to withdraw from your class without academic consequences can be found in the Academic Calendar.

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