Faculty-Created Tool Kits & Resources

Sharing is caring, and this growing set of resources provides information that you can use and/or adapt to enhance your own teaching practice. Stay tuned for more resources developed by your fellow faculty at Granite State College!

Use Flipgrid to Boost Presence

Learn more about the easy-to-use free ed tech tool that can help connect students and faculty through interactive video!

Teaching Adult Learners

Adult learners thrive when resources, activities and assignments are relevant to and have impact in their lives. Explore more about the unique needs of adult learners.

High-Impact Teaching Strategies

As active practitioners, we don’t always have time to implement our ideas. Explore high-impact teaching tips that benefits our students while also saving time!

Effective Feedback

Feedback is critical to help students understand why they are doing well and how they can sustain – or enhance – their work to meet outcomes and apply learning meaningfully.

Engaging Activities & Discussions

Explore ways to bring life to your activities and discussions.

Instructor Presence

Explore what instructor presence is, why it’s important, and how we can embrace it in our teaching.

Help Students Succeed Online

GSC faculty members, along with a PSU colleague, piloted a first-week activity to see if it impacted student preparedness and success in online courses – and it did!

Assignments & Assessments

Explore tips for developing learner experiences that incorporate real-world practice and feedback, extend critical thinking, and cultivate collaboration.

Practice & Rehearsal

Practice and rehearsal isn’t just for performers – it’s for all learners!

Difficult Conversations

Need to have a difficult conversation with a student? You’re not alone – explore this helpful resource that walks us through each step.

Experiential & Field-Based Learning

Explore how GSC’s faculty and community partnerships help students access experiential and field-based learning.

The Importance of Self-Care

Taking time to care for the self is critical – especially when we feel like we have no time to spare!

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