Access WebROCK & Enter Final Grades

Academic Affairs uses a system called WebROCK for class summary lists, academic progress reporting, and final grades. All faculty must enter final grades in WebROCK no later than 3 days after the last class.

Instructions to access WebROCK and enter final grades are as follows:

1.    Log in to WebROCK

2.    Once you’re logged in, click on the words “Final Grades” in the list under Faculty Services:

3.    You will be prompted to select the term you are providing final grades for, and then a list of your classes for that term will apear. Choose the appropriate course to access the Final Grade Worksheet, which looks as follows:

Final Grade Worksheet

4.    Select the appropriate grade from the drop-down menu, and select the “Submit” button toward the bottom left when you are done. You do not need to submit all grades at once; you may return to this worksheet at any time to update grades within 3 days of the last class.

NOTE: Please review GSC’s Grading and the Incomplete Grade Procedure on the Faculty Center if you have not reviewed these or need a refresher.

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